Anno 1792

Krijtmolen d’Admiraal



In town district “Amsterdam North-Buiksloot” along the “Noord Hollands Kanaal”, there is a unique national monument : the last remaining wind powered trass- and chalkmill in the world.
The official name of this  stagemill is “d’Admiraal” , unofficially the mill is known as the “chalkmill” or the “chalkmill d’Admiraal”, referring to the major product the mill produced.  This mill was especially built for grinding stone of various kinds such as chalk and also trass, a vulcanic stone that was delved in the “Eiffel”. Trass being an important bricklaying product.

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Come and get acquainted with this superb example of the Dutch industrial heritage. Since 1792 this mill has been very important in the history of Amsterdam-North across the harbour “ het IJ”.
The present miller and the board of the non-profit foundation do everything in their power to promote this working monument. It is possible to visit the mill on special “mill days” on which the mill is open to the public. One can also contact the miller for an individual- or a guided tour for groups or consult the miller







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